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Accordion Pool Party
Accordion Pool Party

Henry Doktorski participated in the first Accordion Pool Party held on Saturday, September 12, 2009, at the abandoned Lawrenceville City Pool in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event was organized by Deb Knox and Susan Englert, who received grants from the Sprout Fund and the Lawrenceville Corporation to cover expenses. About 300 people attended the party, and at least 100 danced in the pool to music provided by the 15-member accordion band.

The accordionists, directed by Deb Knox, played four sets of waltzes, polkas, tangos, and ethnic pieces such as: Zalajdy-Zulajda, Makedonsko Devojce, Miserlu, Dai Mi Dai, Grand Bosco, Ciel de Paris, Adios Muchachos, and others. Some accordionists performed solo works, including Robert Kubacki, Rado Angelov, Henry Doktorski, and Doktorski's 11-year-old student, Christopher Manko.

The extravaganza of accordions also brought on board the Guinea West African Drum and Dance Ensemble to provide an opening act and the beat for the finale: a world dance party in the pool.

John Burke, one of the accordionists, said being part of a "wall of sound" band was "a gas." He said, "I'm stoked and anxious to find other outlets to perform. The response from people has been phenomenal. It's kind of hip in a strange and nouveau way."

Click Here to read about the Accordion Pool Party in the Pittsbugh Post-Gazette. Photos by Daniel Weeks and Lilli Nieland.

Click Here to watch a documentary film about the Accordion Pool Party.

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Accordion Pool Party

Accordion Pool Party

Accordion Pool Party

Accordion Pool Party

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