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Henry and Narada dasa

July 8, 2023: Henry appeared as guest interviewee in Episode 66 of “The Hare Krishnas in Britain” podcast series. During the interview, Henry talked about his early days at the New Vrindaban West Virginia Hare Krishna commune, his relationship with his spiritual master Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada, and the events which led him to terminate his relationship with his “spiritual master.” Henry also talked about his books Killing For Krishna, Eleven Naked Emperors, and his Gold, Guns and God decalogy.

To listen to the interview, go to YouTube.

Henry and Narada dasa

Our friend, Puranjana dasa (Tim Lee), wrote favorably of Henry’s interview on Puranjana’s blog:

    July 8, 2023

    PADA: Killing for Krishna: The Dangers of Deranged Devotion.

    I think Henry’s historical documents are important to understand the history of post-1978 ISKCON. Even if there are some defects in Henry’s observations, he really exposes the conspiracy to promote false gurus and to target dissenters (like us). And he has a lot of documents / testimony to back up his findings. He also says that worshiping Kirtanananda is worshiping a pedophile, and we agree, and in fact that is what we said all along.

    Interesting, ISKCON’s Anuttama was present when Henry gave a talk for the Cult Watch folks program [International Cultic Studies Assocation]. That means he knows a lot more than he lets on. Anyway, check it out and you can decide if Henry’s writings are useful or not. But one thing is for sure, his writings are out there and lots of people are reading them. And they will have an impact on the greater ISKCON society now and in future.

    As for the people who do not like Henry’s writings, or PADA’s writings for that matter, well now is your chance to make your own mark in history! Make a better history write up yourself. Ravindra Swarupa once said that he cannot allow people like PADA to represent ISKCON’s history, he wants to take charge of writing “the real history.”

    Fine. Where is it? It looks to me like Ravindra, and thousands of others, dropped the ball and did not produce anything substantial. Is that because, they just don’t want any form of historical record to be made by anyone—being too embarrassed to admit they co-created this mess? Or what? One person just now said, they cannot write their own history because—that would be admitting they engaged in crimes. They would be arrested.

    In any case, deranged devotion about sums it all up. Could not have summed it better myself. Various people report feeling relieved after reading these books. Well yep, you are not crazy, your leaders have been the source of all the madness, not you.

    Puranjana dasa, ACBSP (Tim Lee)
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