Interview with Derek Lambert on MythVision Podcast

June 16, 2022: MythVision Podcasts published an interview with Henry about his 2018 book Killing For Krishna. MythVision founder and host, Derek Lambert, asked Henry about his conversion to Krishna consciousness and his book about the 1985-1986 conspiracy to murder the dissident Hare Krishna devotee and former New Vrindaban resident Steven Bryant. Other topics discussed were: the history of the Hare Krishna movement, Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada and his charisma, the mistaken beliefs of the murder conspirators, and also discussed briefly was the 1983 murder of Chakradhari at New Vrindaban. Henry also mentioned some factors which promoted the deranged devotion of the murder conspirators.

To listen to the 58-minute interview, click here.

Derek Lambert and Henry Doktorski

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