New Vrindaban: The Black Sheep of ISKCON
Copyright 2002-07 by Henry Doktorski
"Kirtanananda is a crazy man."

The Ham family. Kirtanananda Swami AWOL from ISKCON, visiting his family during Christmas 1967. From left to right, top: Shirley, Keith, Gerald, Joan, Roberta. Bottom: Mrs. and Rev. Ham.

Outline of this chapter:

    Kirtanananda shares radical ideas with Swamiji for preaching in west: change dress & tonsure. Swamiji allows Kirtanananda to try his "innovations" by opening a London center.
    Kirtanananda disobeys Swamiji and returns directly to New York.
    Kirtanananda's attempts to add cultural elements from Christianity into Vaishnavism at ISKCON New York.
    Chanting Om namoh shivaya.
    Swamiji plays the "part of a thunderbolt" and chastises his student, stating: "Kirtanananda is a crazy man."
    October 1967: Kirtanananda banned from the temple; spat on.
    Kirtanananda and Hayagriva attempt to steal Swamiji's Bhagavad-gita manuscript, then leave New York City for Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
    Swamiji still loves his "beloved son."

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