New Vrindaban: The Black Sheep of ISKCON
Copyright 2002-07 by Henry Doktorski
The Birth of New Vrindaban

New Vrindaban barn and farm house New Vrindaban barn and farm house

Outline of this chapter:

    October 1967: Swamiji suggests Hayagriva start a Pennsylvania ashram.
    December 14, 1967: Swamiji returns to America, his disciples now call him "Prabhupada."
    Prabhupada proposes Hamsadutta start and ashram in upstate New York called "New Vrindaban."
    Kirtanananda reads San Francisco Oracle letter about an ashram in West Virginia.
    April 1968: Kirtanananda and Hayagriva visit West Virginia farm.
    Kirtanananda decides to return to Prabhupada.
    April 1968: Hayagriva visits Prabhupada in New York.
    Plain living, high thinking.
    June 1968: Because of difficulties with property owner, Prabhupada says New Vrindaban: "It will be failure."
    Kirtanananda asks Prabhupada to send 100 brahmacharis to help build the ashram.
    Prabhupada is discouraged about the West Virginia ashram, and when he hears that some land may become available in Florida, Prabhupada proposes New Vrindaban in Florida.
    The "shoot out" at Rose's farm.
    July 1968: The prodigal son returns, Kirtanananda Swami returns to ISKCON and Kirtanananda sees his spiritual master again for the first time in nearly a year in Montreal.
    August 7, 1968: The lease is signed.
    September 1968: Brahmananda visits New Vrindaban, allegedly to personally see if Kirtanananda and Hayagriva are following Prabhupada's instructions.
    May 21-June 23, 1969: Prabhupada visits New Vrindaban.
    Prabhupada says: "This New Vrindaban land is hellish!" referring to the severe winters.
    August 1970: First New Vrindaban Janmastami Festival
    August 13, 1971 (Janmastami): Radha Vrindaban-Chandra arrive.

    New Vrindaban devotees, 1968 Kirtanananda Swami, Vamandev, Hrishikesh (not the author), Hayagriva, Pradjumna, at New Vrindaban, summer, 1968.

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