Ave Maria: Hymns to Mary

“Put aside any prejudice you may have about the accordion, and carefully listen to this compilation of Marian music assembled by master accordionist Henry Doktorski. With the skill of a poet, Doktorski has arranged 25 hymns and presented them with varied textures, in every imaginable genre from simple melodic chant, to melody with accompaniment, to all out accordion panache. In the fingers and hands of Doktorski, the cherished melodies soar with lyric fluidity, all the time keeping sight of the reason for their existence—to honor the Mother of God.”—Kenneth G. Danchik, Associate Organist, Saint Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

On this CD Henry performs beautiful and artistic arrangements of 25 beloved Marian hymns from the 11th through the 20th centuries, including five different settings of Ave Maria. Truly a treasure for lovers of the classical accordion, connoisseurs of sacred music, and devotees of our Blessed Mother.


1 Sing of Mary

2 Hail, Holy Queen

3 Immaculate Mary

4 Alma Redemptoris Mater

5 Serdeczna Matko

6 O Sanctissima

7 Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)

8 Ave Regina Cælorum

9 Hail, Queen Of Heav’n

10 Star Upon The Ocean

11 At The Cross Her Station Keeping

12 Regina Cæli

13 Virgin Great And Glorious

14 Joyously We Sing To Mary

15 Blessed Virgin Mother

16 Salve Regina

17 On This Day, O Beautiful Mother

18 Mother Dear, O Pray For Me

19 Mother, At Your Feet Is Kneeling

20 Ave Maria (Latin chant)

21 Hail Mary, Gentle Woman

22 Ave Maria, As I Kneel Before You

23 Magnificat

24 Bogurodzica Dziewica

25 Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)

Total Time: 72:40
Released October 2007.


POLISH JOURNEY: Newsletter of the Polish Cultural Council, Vol. 7 (Winter/Spring 2009)

    Although Christmas is over, there is always fun to suggest a good recording to our members. We’ve recently received a new compact disc recorded by Pittsburgh’s concert accordionist Henry Doktorski titled Ave Maria: Hymns to Mary. Henry’s solo recital last year at the Auditorium of the Frick Fine Arts Building, the University of Pittsburgh, and organized by the Polish Cultural Council, showcased him in the works by Brahms, Bartok, Piazzolla, the Deiro brothers, and a charming Suite on Polish Folk Tunes which he arranged from accordion music purchased recently in Poland.

    Ave Maria: Hymns to Mary is Henry’s latest CD release, and it includes beautiful and artistic arrangements of 25 beloved Marian hymns from the 11th through the 20th centuries, including five different settings of Ave Maria. Of special interest to Polish listeners are the two Polish Marian hymns, Serdeczna Matko, which is undoubtedly familiar to most Polish-Americans, and the 13th-century Polish chant Bogurodzica Dziewica.

    We believe this 72-minute CD will truly be a treasure for lovers of classical and sacred music and devotees of our Blessed Mother.

Lillianne, Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania

    Mother so enjoyed and loved your Ave Maria: Hymns to Mary CD. In fact, the day after Christmas, she was very sick with a cold/virus and was not well. She went to bed early that day. I stayed with her, and her request was to play this CD constantly. I do not know how many times I played it that day, but it was on constantly. On the day of her death she was at home on hospice care. We gave her medications at 5:30 a.m. and I remembered she loved this CD, so I brought it downstairs into her dining room, which was converted into her sick room, and put it on the stereo. She was a little agitated, but when she heard this music she became very calm.

    I live next door and about 9:00 a.m. I got this feeling she wanted me, so I went over. As I approached her and put my hand on her, she passed. The music was playing, and I think she was waiting for me. I felt I had to relate to you this story, since you sent her this CD and I believe it made her passing more comfortable.

    With thanks.

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